The Run to Better Days

Inspired by Peter Singer’s book The Life You Can Save, the Run to Better Days aims to inspire people to seriously consider the immensity of the current problem global poverty. The objective is to gain an understanding of what people in developed nations can do for the billions of people who are impoverished.

The Run was […]

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Countdown in 3… until RTBD 17!

The 6th annual event of the Run to Better Days is soon to kick off on the Cairns Esplanade this Friday 7th July!  We have many new members, and are very excited to be covering a route that takes us to places in Far North Queensland for the first time.

In an email we received recently […]

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Why Run to Better Days?


Count to four. Stop. One gone. Count again. Stop. Another one gone. Repeat the process for a day and you will stop almost 20 000 times: the number of children throughout the world who die before their fifth birthday every day. Lives lost needlessly. Lives we can save.

I am a medical student and an aspiring Paediatrician. […]

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RTBD 2015 – it’s on again!

It’s almost hard to believe we’re not over it yet, but we still think that poverty sucks, shouldn’t exist, and is worth doing something about…so as a result… IT’S ON AGAIN!

The Run to Better Days team is back, bigger than it’s ever been before and full of young, enthusiastic RTBD debutantes who have no idea […]

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RTBD 2013 Begins!

The Run to Better Days 2013 has begun! Oscars on Sydney Cafe & Bar hosted a fantastic opening event for us yesterday morning, with great coverage from Channel Seven, Win News, ABC Tropical North and Mackay Daily Mercury. Over the last 2 days, we’ve been smashing through kilometres and are heading into Marlborough tomorrow. If […]

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Aaaaannd we’re done!!!

RTBD 2012 finished on the 22nd with the Final Celebrations going off without a hitch on the Joe Baker Field of James Cook University. It was a pretty incredible couple of weeks, during which we managed to raise the $20 000, run the 1200k’s, as well gave presentations to nearly 10 000 people. We’re hoping to […]

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We’ve added photos to this site under the Photos tab, and also to the facebook page –

Additionally, check out our daily blog on

A video blog, compiled by our cameraman Pete is also available on our youtube page, along with video highlights from each day. Check these out here:

I hope you’re all enjoying following our journey […]

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And we’re off!

This morning, under a cloudy Hervey Bay sky, our courageous runners set off on the first leg of our journey! With a wonderful send off from Xavier Catholic College, Jess kicked off the running relay, and the group slowly made their way along the highway towards Childers.  We will be spending a cosy night at St Josephs Catholic […]

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Run to Better Days (The Video)

Please check out our new promotional video, composed by Robert Crispe from JCU. We are all very excited about it! Please let us know what you think in the comments.

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New Audio Article

Listen to an interview with The Run to Better Days coordinator Daniel Charles, about his motivation for creating the RTDB, and what he hopes the event will achieve. The article also features soundbites from RTBD team members Laila Patel, Brenton Mayer, Annabelle Clarke and Cosmo Dove.

Click on the link below to hear the interview:

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