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If you would like to donate to the Against Malaria Foundation on behalf of the Run to Better Days, please follow this link:

Against Malaria Foundation RTBD 2017 Fundraising Page

Through good research, charity evaluators have found huge differences in effectiveness between different groups, such that $1 put towards an exceptional charity can do as much good as $10 or $100 put towards an average one.

The Run to Better Days would like to make sure people donate to the very best charities and do as much good as possible per dollar donated.

The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is the Run to Better Days chosen charity for 2016. AMF distributes bed nets, treated with insecticide, throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, to prevent mosquitoes riddled with the malaria parasite from biting their victims. AMF educates people on the correct use of the nets, follows up to ensure they’re being used appropriately via home visits and data collection from local hospitals, and then publishes these results online.

Why malaria?

Malaria is a parasite carried by mosquitoes that causes infection and sickness.  Symptoms include high fevers, severe shaking chills, fatigue, vomiting/diarrhoea and headaches. If left untreated, it can be fatal, especially in young children and pregnant women.

Almost half of the world’s population is at risk of malaria. Africa accounts for almost 90% of malaria cases and 90% of malaria deaths. Malaria kills half a million people every year, and is one of the leading kills of children in poor countries.

Australia once had malaria, but due to good public health measures, was able to eradicate it.

Why nets?

Insecticide-treated bed nets are designed to be draped over where people sleep, and their distribution is one of the most cost-effective, life saving initiatives you can fund. The scientific evidence for this is exceptional. Over 20 randomised controlled trials have been conducted and have been reviewed by the widely respected Cochrane Collaboration and charity evaluator GiveWell – both are convinced of its effectiveness.

AMF is particularly known for delivering this intervention cheaply and effectively, following up repeatedly to review that they’re being used and decreasing rates of malaria in local hospitals. The cost per net $3.30 and donations to AMF only fund these nets. For every $2000-3000 donated to AMF, 300 cases of malaria will be averted and one life of a child under the age of 5 will be saved.

For a rigorous evaluation of this program and the evidence behind it, see more here.



In a world where violating human rights happens daily and nations barely seems to care, it is truly inspiring to see young people stand up, speak out and selflessly extend a hand to help others. I applaud ‘Run to Better Days’. I admire the principles of the participants. I am inspired by their dedication to helping others.

– Professor David Plummer AM
Professorial Research Fellow,
Health Practitioner Research Capacity Building Initiative
James Cook University