Against Malaria Foundation

Against_Malaria_Foundation_Click_to_DonateThe Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) is the Run to Better Days chosen charity for 2016. Malaria is a parasite spread by mosquitos that is one of the leading killers of children in poor countries, causing about a million deaths a year. It also imposes a huge burden through 200 million non-fatal infections a year. Yet it can be prevented very cheaply, with long lasting insecticide treated bed nets that cost about AUD$5.80 in total to distribute when donating to the Against Malaria Foundation (AMF).

Malaria parasites causes high fevers, severe shaking chills, vomiting/diarrhoea and fatigue.  If left untreated, it can quickly become fatal. Young children and pregnant women are most susceptible. Unfortunately the parasites have developed resistance to many anti-malarial drugs, so prevention is even more important. This is where bed nets come in. Because most mosquito bites happen at night, hanging an insecticide-treated net around your bed can keep you safe. This is especially vital for children, who die most often; theirs are the lives that you’ll likely be saving if you give to AMF.

Bed net distribution is one of the most cost-effective, life saving initiatives you can fund. The scientific evidence for this is unparalleled: multiple randomised controlled trials all show the same thing, backed up by the widely-respected Cochrane review, which evaluates all the scientific evidence available for medical interventions. Everyone agrees that bed nets prevent people getting malaria and save lives.

AMF is particularly known for its cost effectiveness, or value for money. For a relatively low cost, it can deliver a high quality intervention. Each net costs about $5.80. On average, 1 in 300 infections is fatal. You need 600 nets to stop these 300 infections, so for a total cost of $3 480, you buy enough nets to save a life! (and stop 299 others from getting malaria!)

GiveWell, the most rigorous and sceptical charity evaluator out there, advises that by giving to AMF, you can be confident that you are saving lives

If you would like to donate to the Against Malaria Foundation on behalf of the Run, please follow this link: