This year, the Run to Better Days is embarking upon our northernmost adventure yet!

From 7-20th July this year, the Run to Better Days event will take place.  Starting in Cairns, the team will run tag-team style down the Queensland coast, finishing in Rockhampton, and give presentations at schools, universities and community groups along the way.

Our events this year will fundraise for the Against Malaria Foundation and we will be giving presentations in various locations attempting to inspire Australians to believe that world poverty is something worth caring about, and to provide our listeners with the tools to make a meaningful impact in the lives of the world’s poor. As busy as we hope to be in these weeks, we can still squeeze in more speaking commitments – in fact, we’d be extremely excited to! If anyone is interested in hosting us to give a presentation to a group you are involved in, please contact us.


Following a new itinerary this year, it will be the first time the Run to Better Days has been further north than Townsville. Below is a rough itinerary of the areas in which our runners will be over the course of the event:

Friday 7th July Cairns
Saturday 8th Innisfail
Sunday 9th Mission Beach
Monday 10th Ingham
Tuesday 11th Townsville
Wednesday 12th Ayr, Home Hill
Thursday 13th Guthalungra
Friday 14th Proserpine
Saturday 15th Mackay
Sunday 16th Sarina
Monday 17th Byfield
Tuesday 18th Rockhampton (Waterhall)
Wednesday 19th Rockhampton
Thursday 20th Last day!


If you want to meet up with our runners at any time for a coffee or powerade (or three) and a chat, or are even interested in running a small portion of the route with us, please feel free to get in contact!

If you’re on the road, and see our runners, please give us a wide berth, but we always get a kick out of a friendly wave and a toot!